A look back at 2020 in AnyoneGo

2020 has taken a toll on all of us. Fortunately, we managed to push through worries and challenges, and active and innovative people across all industries succeeded in creating a lot of good, interesting, and helpful products and services. We at AnyoneGo were not sitting on our hands either. 

To celebrate the achievements of this challenging year, we have summarized the most important milestones for you right here. And we want to say a big thank you to all of our followers and supporters, too!

Innovations, new printers, and new products, international expansion, and products for humans

Innovated wheelchairs and a whole new size

Thanks to 3D printing, we can very quickly put into practice our new ideas or suggestions that come from the owners of our furry clients. So, even in 2020, our wheelchairs received several interesting improvements:

  • Magnetic pins – they replaced the original snap pins. Thanks to a modification in design and adding magnets, the process of adjusting the wheelchair is now even more comfortable. The pins will be also more secure in their place even after many walks.
magnetic pins
Magnetic pins – helping to adjust the wheelchair more easily
  • Adjustable saddle sides – how to help dogs that are still growing? Or how to support the owners who are afraid that they will incorrectly measure the most important parameter – the width of the pelvis? Or what if the doggy likes to wear a warm coat in winter? Our chief designer Honza invented adjustable saddle sides. What does it mean? It doesn’t matter if the width of the dog changes a bit, just simply change the saddle setting using the magnetic pegs – and that’s it! Even with an extra layer – of clothes, winter fur, or Christmas cookies, the dog is comfortable again. The same if it increases or its weight changes. 
Saddle sides can be adjusted
  • Nano wheelchair – at the beginning of the summer we introduced a completely new size of wheelchair designed for the smallest dogs.
dog in a wheelchair, anyonego nano size
Nano size of the AnyoneGo wheelchair with red accessories
  • We worked on our materials too – we strengthened the most stressed parts and thus extended their life.
  • We now also supply trucks in two lines, Comfort and Style, which differ in the production technology used.

New 3D printers and manufacturing help

We know very well that our Achilles heel was the length of delivery, so in 2020 we significantly expanded our printing farm in Brno, added a second one in Prague, and stabilized the deliveries from our SLS printing supplier. All of this entails more work, which is why we have also expanded our team of technicians. Thanks to these changes, we now process orders much faster, and yet they are still tailored to the specific needs of each dog.

Part of AnyoneGo printing farm

Drag bags and brand new e-shop

Just before Christmas, we also introduced a completely new product – drag bags! Again, they are tailor-made, 100% designed, and sewn in the Czech Republic. They are created for you with love by an experienced seamstress, who also had a handicapped doggy in the past and so knows how big of a help for the dog and his humans a drag bag is. 

anyonego drag bag for dogs with handicapped legs
Handicapped dog in AnyoneGo drag bag

At the end of 2020, we also launched a new e-shop and finally announced that we are ready to supply our products outside Czechia and Slovakia. Capturing foreign markets is our biggest 2021 goal. 

AnyoneGo e-shop preview

Human wheelchair

We cannot forget about our innovative products for people, one of which we finally presented to the public. The Czech Forbes or innovation-focused media CzechCrunch have already shared the amazing news with their readers. What’s more important, our future special wheelchair for humans is not just an idea anymore, the prototype of the wheelchair is being printed right now and we will soon organize the first tests and trials.

Thank you for reading our summary of 2020 and for being part of our journey! When we look back, we are happy about all the improvements we made! Each of us can think of something good that happened in 2020 and we’re sure you can too. In this respect, a small New Year’s recapitulation look and a look back at the past year can help us to look forward with more faith. Hopefully, our look back at 2021 will be even better – and we wish the same to you, our followers, and supporters.

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