Color Symbolism Of Wheelchairs For Dogs: Green

No cold and ugly metal pipes, as you know them from hospitals, our wheelchairs for handicapped dogs are made using the latest 3D printing. Thanks to that we can not only adapt them to (almost) any dog, but you can choose from several color combinations and make sure your dog’s wheelchair fits your aesthetics.

In previous articles, we have already talked about the fiery red and sunny yellow, so now let’s dive into the secrets of green.

Green is the color of nature, it represents peace, happiness, and health, but sometimes also jealousy. Even small children already know that, in a fairy tale, if someone is dressed in a green-and-purple robe, that character is up to no good.

But there are certainly more positive connotations, green is also celebrated as the color of fertility – in the 15th century, for this reason, brides wore green dresses! We feel better if the doctor’s waiting room is painted green and some research even shows that green helps children read better!

Like nature, green offers many different shades. Light green looks natural and it is associated with the idea of ​​cold, silence, nature, ecology, and growth. 

Dark green, on the other hand, helps to calm down and protect, it is friendly and gives a feeling of security and hope.

Green combined with other colors, for example, blue, has also interesting meanings. Dark green with a touch of blue shows self-confidence, closedness, and even pride and self-worship. The light green-blue we know from the hospital corridors and rooms symbolizes hygiene, sterility, and withdrawal.

We have chosen a beautiful friendly green for our wheelchairs, so that your four-legged friend will be able to boldly embark on any adventure, whether in the mountains, in the woods, or a city park.

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