Color Symbolism Of Wheelchairs For Dogs: Yellow

Have you ever spotted our wheelchair in the streets? If so, you’re sure to be fascinated by the brightly colored wheels and matching buckles and other smaller parts of the cart. We want not only dogs to feel comfortable and walk easily in our wheelchair, but we also designed the wheelchair and chose the materials so that it is a beautiful machine, rather than a walking aid that is reminding you at every step that there is something wrong with its user. 

Last time we shared with you the secret meanings of red, so now let’s look at the symbolism of yellow.

The color yellow is cheerful, lively, and open. It encourages us to share our views and ideas and to be brave and fully express our own opinion. It also frees from remorse and encourages intuition and creativity.

There is, however, such a thing as too much liberation and merriment, and so yellow is sometimes associated with superficiality and volatility. Light, lemony yellow shows the need to defend oneself and to release some built-up tension.

That’s why we chose a fun, deep yellow for our wheelchairs, which will put a smile on the face of almost anyone who sees a doggy in this cart passing by.

Anyway, we don’t call these wheelchairs “yellow” but “sunshine” and it sums up their vibe very well. 

A sunshine AnyoneGo wheelchair will fit dogs with a cheerful, restless, playful nature, who will not spoil any fun.

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