Color Symbolism of Wheelchairs for Dogs: Red

When we were thinking about what our carts should be like, we unanimously agreed that they should be not only functional but also beautiful. We didn’t want them to look like rehabilitation aids for sick people and animals, as we know them from hospitals. We wanted the carts to be great to run in and nice to look at. That’s also why we decided from the beginning to use all the opportunities 3D printing offers, including the combination of colors.

The basic construction of the trolley is always black, but when it comes to details, you can choose from (for now) four colors – red, yellow, green, and blue.

The wheelchairs with red elements were a clear customer favorite from the very beginning. And we couldn’t keep our eyes off of them as well – no ugly wheelchair for disabled animals! It’s a Ferrari race car!

Most of the human clients probably chose the color according to their mood, favorite color, or perhaps the shade of the dog’s leash, but did you know that each color has its meaning and affects us in different ways?

Wheelchairs for Dogs with Red Accessories

Red is strong and energetic, it is associated with the untamable power of fire, blood, and danger, but also love. To this day, it is used for warning signs and important messages. Red is also perfect for daring expeditions because it is also a symbol of action, change, conquest, and self-confidence. But it also looks noble and special, which is why this color was and still is used by rulers to inspire respect and admiration.

If you have a brave fluffer at home, who doesn’t let any problem or obstacle stand in her way, the red wheelchair will fit her beautifully.

And what about the other colors, you ask? We’ll take a look at them in future articles.

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