How to order an AnyoneGo wheelchair?

We are manufacturing each wheelchair based on order and bespoke for their dog users. That means we can’t function as a normal e-shop. Between your preliminary order and the 3D printed wheelchair arriving at your door, there are a few steps we need to take together. 

Here’s the breakdown of the simple process to order the AnyoneGo wheelchair.

6 simple steps to follow

1. Measure your dog and take pictures following these easy instructions.

2. Fill in the inquiry form or send us an e-mail to Don’t forget to include your dog’s measurements and attach the photos.

3. We will get back to you within two working days and will let you know which wheelchair size is the best for your dog. We will also include a price offer, clarify any last details, and answer your questions. 

4. We will agree on the price, color, the expected shipping date and, if necessary, define any special modifications. 

5. You will get the payment instructions. You can choose from two options – PayPal or a traditional bank transfer to a EUR bank account. The advance payment is necessary since we are manufacturing the wheelchair specifically for your dog. 

6. No later than three weeks after placing your order, we will ship your dog’s new wheelchair, using the selected delivery company. You will receive Instructions, Conditions of use, and other necessary and helpful documents via e-mail. And once you collect your wheelchair, you and your dog are ready for the first walk! 

This process is the same for all EU member countries and the UK. We are happy to communicate with you in English or Czech/Slovak.

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship/supply outside the EU (except UK).