AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs Commander Frankie

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Frankie is one of the dogs who had to wait for their share of happiness for way too long – almost his whole life. His owner was an old lady, who couldn’t and didn’t take care of him. Frankie came to a shelter called Dog’s life, dedicated to helping old, sick, and handicapped dogs, in 2018 in a horrible condition. At that point, Frankie was just a pitiful being, always in pain and discomfort, and because of that he often acted aggressively. The carers in the shelter recognized that that wasn’t his true nature, he just didn’t know what else to do, since everything was hurting him. 

wheelchair for dogs, handicapped dog, green accesories on dogs wheelchair, anyonego cart in green

Frankie was a regular patient at the vet clinic, where they helped him heal. Together, they had a long journey ahead of them: neglected fur, inflammation in the ears, eyes, inflammation of the skin, and testicles. In the shelter, Frankie went through a slow, gradual process of healing and recovery. Unfortunately, Fate had another roadblock for him. One day, he suddenly became paralyzed on his hind legs for no apparent reason.

Another trip to the vet revealed that his spine was very damaged. A cracked disc pushed directly against the spinal cord, which caused the sudden problems. The subsequent operation was successful, but with a very uncertain prognosis, and even intensive exercise and rehabilitation did not bring a positive result. 

handicapped dog, wheelchair for dog, dog in anyonego wheelchair

As if that wasn’t enough trouble for one dog, there was another complication. His wonderful carer had to give him up for health reasons, and Frankie arrived at the shelter Rafael, managed by Mrs. Iva Volková. There, he had love and the best care, but it was hard for him to adjust again to the new environment, new dogs, and new humans.

Fortunately, Mrs. Iva has a lot of experience and Frankie soon got comfortable with her. He also became part of the shelter pack of dogs, some of which are handicapped as well. Thanks to Mrs. Iva’s unrelenting care, his health slowly improved, and even a mysterious patron appeared, who paid for his new AnyoneGo wheelchair! Frankie’s story finally has some happy chapters.

cart for dogs, dog with hind legs handicap

Today, Frankie is a happy dog and his shelter pack appointed him the Commander of the security of the entire shelter. Mrs. Iva says that he is a bit lazy, he doesn’t want to walk too much in his wheelchair or to cooperate in ongoing rehabilitation. But she is also understanding – he just wants to finally relax and chill, and the most important thing is that he is finally a happy handicapped doggy. According to the latest reports, Mrs. Iva even started looking for a forever home for him!

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