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You can buy AnyoneGo products through the e-shop. Choose the product you are interested in and follow the step-by-step directions.

We will take care of everything else. In case you have any doubts or need a consultation, it is best to contact us via e-mail  to support@anyonego.com

Anyonego AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs

The most frequently requested product is this wheelchair for hind legs. Whether the dog can’t use their paws at all or only to a limited extent, this dog cart is a good choice to help your pet move freely again.
We currently offer carts for hind legs in three sizes - Nano for Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers and similar breeds, Micro, for small breeds such as a Dachshund, Small for Bulldogs or Pugs and Middle for Schnauzers, Border Collies, and similar breeds.

The prices of the basic versions of our wheelchairs are:
Nano: CZK 15 500
Micro: CZK 14,500
Small: CZK 15,500
Middle: CZK 19,900

We are happy to adjust the wheelchair to suit exactly the needs of your dog. In that case, we prepare an individual price offer. Contact us for a non-binding inquiry!
The price always includes all costs, including shipping. (You will receive payment details upon confirming your order.)

For tips on how to easily and correctly measure your dog for a wheelchair, watch our video on measuring a dog, and read this blog post to get to know more tricks and real-life examples.

Measurement Instructions Product detail


1. How do I know that a wheelchair is suitable for my dog?

It is always best to consult your dog’s medical situation with a veterinarian or a physiotherapist. If getting a wheelchair is recommended, then AnyoneGo products are definitely a good choice.

2. Do I have to bring my dog somewhere to get measured?

Before ordering the wheelchair, we need to know your pet’s measurements. But you can make them in the comfort of your home, it is not necessary to transport the dog anywhere. 

Here, we have prepared a video showing how to properly and easily measure your dog. Detailed instructions can also be downloaded here. Once you have the measurements, contact us via the inquiry form or write to us at support@anyonego.com

We will assess the data and get back to you within two working days.


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