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We love pets above all. Pets are important family members who always give a helping paw when we are in a bad mood or just need to feel the presence or just need to feel presence of a kindred spirit who will drive away our stress. But what if our pets face a disease or injury which turns their lives upside down? Our team offers a new chance for all pets who lost their natural movement abilities so even such unfortunate accident now does not have to mean premature end of their lives.

We’ve been working on the development and manufacturing process of a unique wheelchair for animals for three years. The result, AnyoneGo wheelchair was presented to the public for the first time at the end of 2017 at the occasion of the International Engineering Fair in Brno, Czech Republic. It is the first and only commercial wheelchair for disabled animals on the global market which is made using 3D print technology. For this reason, can every AnyoneGo wheelchair be tailor-made for each animal and adjusted not only to its size and disability but even to the clients’ design preferences for colour or nametag.



3D print technology allows us to achieve the best possible combination of solid constructionminimal weight and exclusive design. At the same time, it allows us to perfectly adjust the wheelchair to the size and disability of each animal.

Based on specific customer requirements, we offer standard or exclusive print quality when individual components are printed with high-strength material on the most advanced HP printer.

The AnyoneGo wheelchair is unique for its design, construction and also manufacturing process. It is lightweight, modular, easily foldable and portable. Comfortable positioning of the wheelchair allows animals a wide range of motion. Apart from running they can also easily stand, sit or relieve themselves. The basic type of AnyoneGo is offered in four colour versions, further design requests as personal engraving can be discussed individually.


Our wheelchair is almost exclusively made by 3D print technology using the Ultimaker 2 or HP printers. Additive manufacturing does not cover only filling of the seat fixing affected limbs of the animals, wheel tires, fastening straps and magnets.


The newest product in our portfolio is a customized orthosis AnyoneGo PetOrtho, which we introduced at the beginning of 2019. Just like AnyoneGo wheelchair, our orthoses are completely 3D-printed using high-quality HP printers, except for the smallest parts, such as screws or buckles. 3D printing technology allows to adapt the product literally to every paw. The basic types of the orthoses are set based on the size of the dog (S, M, L, XL).

Compared to mass production types, AnyoneGo PetOrtho is always a tailor-made product that offers much longer service life and over time does not change its shape and/or properties.

Basic prices of the orthosis are as follows:
– EUR 264 for the smallest dog breeds (e.g.  Dachshund),
– EUR 510 for medium breeds (e.g. Boder Collie, Australian Shepherd),
– EUR 835 for large breeds (e.g. German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute),
– and EUR 1009 for the largest breeds (e.g. Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane).

For more information on the orthoses, please contact us at or simply fill our contact form. Be sure to indicate that you are interested in the orthosis in the “Further comments” section.


If you are interested in purchasing the AnyoneGo wheelchair, please fill in the following form. There you can choose from standard colour versions or ask for individual design in the field ‘Further comments’. Our team will contact you within three business days to gather further information about the size of your pet and its disability. After completing all the necessary information we can prepare personalized price offer. The price of the AnyoneGo wheelchair starts on 490 € for the smallest breeds.

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Company AnyoneGo is specializing in industrial design, architecture and development of unique compensation aids in two independent divisions for animals and humans.

Founders of the company are industrial designer and technological visionary Jan Jiránek – chief designer, and technical consultants and mentors Ivan Lukáš and Martin Schenk who are responsible for 3D print technology, financing, marketing and business development of the project.

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Did we catch your attention? Do you want to learn more about what we are doing, our plans and visions? See what experts wrote about us in media or download our case study and logo. Any suggestions, comments, opinions or ideas are welcomed – your tips may help us to develop the next generation of effective aids for handicapped all around the world.

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We are open to dialogue with strategic partners and investors who could share our view of the world, identify themselves with our vision and help us to advance the development of our products, patent proceedings or distribution on the international market. We would also be happy to discuss opportunities for participating in major exhibitions and fairs.



Telefon: +420 775 275 909
Adresa: Preslova 63, 602 00 Brno, Czech republic

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