How To Measure Your Dog For The Wheelchair: Tips And Recommendations

Over time, we have collected from our clients a lot of useful tips on how to measure your dog at home as accurately and easily as possible.

How To Make Sure The Wheelchair Fits Your Dog?

Here are some tips and tricks. 

  1. Measuring the dog is definitely a two-person job! It doesn’t seem like it, but every helping hand is good.
  2. Don’t forget to watch our explanatory video. There, you can clearly see which measures we actually need from you – there are five in total. Our instruction manual will also help you. Plus, you can write the measurements there and send it to us right away.
  3. Don’t underestimate choosing the right measuring tape and camera. Definitely take a measuring tape with big, easy-to-see numbers. You might find the perfect one in your family’s toolbox, the traditional yellow one that every handy(wo)man has. Why? It is sturdy yet bendable and it has large and legible numbers that are easy to see in the photos. When you take a photo of the meter while measuring and send it to us via the inquiry form, we can easily check the values ​​and adjust them if needed. 
dog measurement demonstration, measurement for a dog wheelchair
Measurement with a suitable measuring tape.

4. The most important parameter is the width of the saddle. It’s crucial to get there right, so we recommend measuring both the front and rear width of the dog, using some perpendicular pads. Does that sound too complicated? Don’t worry, it’s actually rather easy. 

Just have the dog stand against a wall and help yourself from the other side with a book, as seen in the pictures below. If you do it this way, the measurement result will be perfect.

measuring for a dog wheelchair, correct measurement for the wheelchair
Correct measurement using a wall
measuring a dog for a wheelchair, correct measurement demonstration
Correct measurement using two vertically attached aids

5. Is your dog a fluffer (aka has a lot of fluffy or long fur)? In that case, it might be quite hard to clearly see from the photos where the dog’s body ends and where there is “only” fur. To make sure the measurements are clear, we recommend using some kind of a pad to read the height, again as you can see in the picture.

6. Allow yourself time and peace for the whole measuring process. Yes, measuring for your dog’s bespoke wheelchair takes a bit of time and focus, but this can be done at home, when and where it suits you most. It is not necessary to stress the dog by unnecessary travel or handling by strangers.

7. Fill in all the measurements in the inquiry form, attach the photos and hit that Send button! Within two working days, we will get back to you with a specific offer or additional questions. 

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