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Are you part of a non-profit organization that takes care of a handicapped animal and need a wheelchair for them?

We want to help!

At AnyoneGo, we are well aware that shelters and NGOs often take care of disabled dogs and other animals, when their owner cannot or will not do so. We know that in such cases it is not easy at all, because the care for handicapped animals is not cheap and it is mostly funded by kind patrons and supporters of the shelter. Therefore, we decided to provide shelters and NGOs a 10% discount on our wheelchairs!

Easy cooperation:

There are only a few simple conditions for the discount to be applicable:

  • Invoicing must take place directly between us and the non-profit entity
  • We are interested in feedback and photos and videos of how the animal is doing in our wheelchair

  • We are always happy when you tag our company on your socials

Simple, right?

To start our journey together, use our contact form or a direct inquiry form. You can also contact us on our e-mail support@anyonego.com or message us on Facebook or Instagram.