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Basic information about food bowl

An adjustable food bowl is an excellent tool that will ensure your four-legged friend will feel extremely comfortable when eating their meal.

You can easily adjust the height and inclination to suit the current needs and health of each dog. It is suitable not only for handicapped dogs, but also puppies or, on the other hand, senior dogs. It is also an excellent tool for other popular pets such as cats, ferrets, and more.

The AnoyneGo bowl is suitable for food and water and, like most of our products, is made using 3D printing. Its design is simple and user-friendly – the height is easily and quickly adjusted with a latch, the inclination of the dish itself can be changed by turning a screw on the side.

The bowl can be conveniently folded into a horizontal position, so it is also a suitable travel companion.


The AnyoneGo adjustable bowl is available in several versions:

You can choose from two sizes:
S – Small: diameter 5.51″ (0,198 gal); weight 1.75 lb; height adjustable from 2.76″ to 9.08″; bowl inclination 20°
L – Large: diameter  7.8″ (0.39 gal); weight 3.97 lb; height adjustable from 3.94″ to 12.99″; bowl inclination 20°

The bowls also differ in the material they are made of and color combinations:

  • Comfort line
    Combination of black frame and red or blue complementary color.
    The latch and screw are always red.
    Conventional PETG printing material is used to make the dish.

  • Glow line
    Combination of beige frame and red or blue complementary color.
    The latch and screw are always red.
    The beige parts are made of luminescent material, which glows in the dark when illuminated

  • Eco line
    This variant of the bowl is printed completely from NonOilen material, which is fully ecologically degradable.
    (When you no longer need the dish, it can be easily disassembled and composted.)
    This range does not offer any color variants, the whole bowl, including the frame and controls, is ivory.
  • Suitable for water and food
  • Adjustable height of the bowl in the range of 2.76″ to 9.08″ or 3.94″ to 12.99″, depending on the size
  • Changeable inclination of the bowl at an angle of 0 – 20°
  • Easy handling
  • Stable, rollover resistant
  • Fully foldable, suitable for travel
  • Original AnoyneGo construction
  • Hygienic material, suitable for contact with food
  • The dish can be easily removed from the structure and washed 


The basic prices of our bowls for individual sizes are available on the e-shop.