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Partnership programme for veterinary and canine physiotherapy clinics

We love to cooperate with veterinary experts and physiotherapists. That’s why we created a partnership programme for veterinary establishments and individuals who are treating dogs and other small animals, including those suffering with movement issues.

Emphasis on quality

Since the very start, our goal is to make and sell high quality products that can be relied on by both owners of handicapped dogs and professionals who care for such animals.

We make sure that our products are safe, reliable, allow for optimal spinal fixation and not overload affected or healthy areas of the body. You and your clients can count on our professional communication and great customer service.

Presenting carts (and other products) for disabled dogs

We will be happy to personally show you our products and their key features in more detail, whether in person or online. We understand and highly appreciate your need to ensure that AnyoneGo is the right solution for your clients.

If you are interested, we will also discuss the conditions and possibilities of our partnership programme.

For more information or to set up an (online) meeting, please contact us, preferably via support@anyonego.com or our contact form. We are based in the beautiful Czech Republic, for now we ship our wheelchairs all around Europe and are working on including more countries as well.

We will be happy to send you a set of posters of different formats and leaflets with basic information about our products.