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Our story

The story of AnyoneGo officially began in 2016, although the first ideas for our products were in our heads much earlier. The company’s founders are industrial designer and technology visionary Jan Jiránek, and technology consultants and mentors Martin Schenk and Ivan Lukáš. Jan is responsible for the design of our products and Martin and Ivan are in charge of production technology, finances, marketing, and business development. 

anyonego team, wheelchair for dogs

We don’t want to help only dogs, but also humans, and so we are working on design concepts for human clients as well.  

Our story is just the beginning and we would be happy if you decide to be part of our journey!


anyonego wheelchair, first anyonego prototype, dog with legs amputated

First idea to create wheelchairs for dogs using 3D printing technology.


anyonego team

Founding the AnyoneGo company and completing the first 3D visualization of the wheelchair.


dog in a wheelchair, handicapped dog, anyonego wheelchair

Presenting the first prototype at the International Engineering Fair in Brno.


Dachshaund in a wheelchair, Dachshaund with handicap, anyonego dog wheelchair

Official launch of the dog wheelchairs.


anyonego trademark, anyonego certificate

First investor. Registering the AnyoneGo trademark.


anyonego homepage

New website. Stabilizing production. Preparation for entering into foreign markets.

Our Partners

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