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Dog Wheelchairs For Hind Legs

We currently offer carts for hind legs in four sizes:
Nano, for Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers and similar
Micro, for small breeds such as Dachshund,
Small for Bulldogs or Mops
– and Middle for Schnauzers, Border Collies and similar breeds.

AnyoneGo dog carts differ from those of their competitors in many ways. We have devoted hundreds of hours of time to their development and testing, because dogs with disabilities deserve a quality and professional solution as well.

Thanks to our solution, AnyoneGo carts are suitable for dogs with paralysis and for dogs with amputated limbs.

Dog carts – Key Features:

Wide frame – The wheelchairs are very stabile and never topple over.

Modern and attractive design – The wheelchairs are robust, functional, and safe.

Easy folding and transport – The wheelchairs are very light: 500g (Nano size), 1.2kg (Micro size), 2kg (Small size) and 2.5 kg (Middle size).

Optimized saddle shape – There is no pressure on the body, saddle sides fix the pelvis in a correct position.

Variable leg support – Adjustable component to ensure maximum comfort for the dog in the wheelchair.

Removable leg support – With the leg support removed, the wheelchair can be used a walker. The actual removal takes just a few seconds.

Connection straps – Strong and comfortable to keep the dog in place.

Tilting wheels (small and middle wheelchairs) – When the dog needs to lie down, the wheels can be quickly tilted. The feature is useful for wheelchair transport as well.

Easy sidearm locking – Simple and safe system for everyday use.

Color options – Selection of 4 colors is available for some parts of the wheelchair, such as wheels and accessories.

Unique chest harness design – To pull the wheelchair, the dog uses chest muscles instead of front leg muscles.

Personalization and accessories – Every wheelchair can be personalized based on client requirements. For example, the name of the dog can be laser-engraved on the wheelchair. For inquiring customers, a sensor for IoT GPS tracking is available.

Material – All wheelchairs are made of highly durable plastic that is inert and non-allergic.

Washable surface – The wheelchair is washable for easy cleaning.

SLS print for extremely loaded components – crutial parts of the wheelchairs are printed using this state-of-the-art technology, which guarantees both excellent strength parameters and long-term durability.

If it is necessary to take into account special individual requirements, we are ready to prepare a tailor-made offer. Please contact us with your requirements without any obligation.

The price always includes all costs, including postage.

How to measure correctly so that the wheelchair fits the dog well?

To choose the right size of the cart, you need to measure your dog. To make it as easy as possible we have prepared a simple and clear measuring instructions for you. For us, centimetres are key, not weight, which can be misleading.

For tips on how to perform dog measurements easily and correctly read this blog post with tips and examples from practice. Do not worry, the whole process won’t take you more than a few minutes.

We will make your cart according to the dimensions you send us, so as part of the order, send photos from the measurement of your dog. Otherwise, we cannot take responsibility for the correctly determined size of the wheelchair; These are goods made to the consumer’s specifications, therefore the consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days according to the rules for consumer protection ( Directive 2011/83/EU, Sec. 1837 of Czech Civil Code).