AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs Barney – Test Rider

dog with handicap, anyonego wheelchair, dog in a wheelchair

Barney is an extremely active and curious dog, so the wheels on his wheelchair are only rarely standing still. We decided to appoint him as an official AnyoneGo test rider!

A few months ago, we were making some changes in production, testing new materials, and overall improving our wheelchairs so that they are the best and easiest to use. However, before we released the new wheelchair into the world, it was necessary for someone to subject it to a series of tests to see the durability and usability of the new cart. And, that’s exactly what Barney very happily did for us!

dog with handicap, anyonego wheelchair, dog in a wheelchair

Barney came to the HandiPet Rescue shelter from his family, who unfortunately could no longer take good care of him. There he got a new (AnoyneGo!) wheelchair and received lots of love from the “shelter aunties” and made many new animal friends. All of that helped him to get over the grief of being separated from his original family.

After some time at the shelter, he was dealing with more health problems and had to go to the vet often. But Barney is such a cheerful soul and he overcame everything life threw at him. He is an amazing example that even a dog with a disability can have a great quality of life and that every life really has value.

dog in a wheelchair, anyonego wheelchair for dogs, cart for handicapped dogs

Barney got adopted – wheelchair included!


After Annie, Barney is the second doggy with a wheelchair who successfully found his forever family! His new family is as active and awesome as he is – a perfect match! Even though he’s a disabled dog, he doesn’t mind and it seems like he had a new adventure every day! If you love Barney as much as we do, you can follow him on his own Instagram account – @bravebarneythewonderdog

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