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AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs Coody – the Happy Pup

french bulldog in a wheelchair, , anyonego wheelchair for dogs

Coody is a dog who was born to a backyard breeder. That in itself is no good start in life. We don’t know much about his life with his first owner, but what we do know is that unfortunately, at the age of six, he became paralyzed on his hind legs. The origin of his handicap is also unknown, but after three years, his owner gave up on Coody and put him up on a website advertising dogs to be adopted. Luckily, awesome people from a dog hospice saw him there and brought him to their care.

french bulldog in a wheelchair, , anyonego wheelchair for dogs

Coincidentally, Coody’s current wonderful owner was in contact with this hospice, looking for a dog to complete her family. When the hospice carers offered her a dog with a wheelchair, she took it as a sign. After all, she has worked all her life as a special pedagogue and had a lot of experience with human wheelchair users! She went to see Coody and it was love at first sight.

Coody happily packed his stuffed toys and moved to his forever home, where he quickly became part of a pack of other handicapped dogs and cats.

cart for a handicapped dog, dog and anyonego wheelchair

Coody’s new human quickly learned to understand his language of barks and purrs and knows exactly what Coody needs. She says: “He is a great friend, he is calm, friendly with kids and very patient. I admire how well adjusted to his situation he is, and I am doing my best to make his life as enjoyable as possible.”

One of the tools Coody uses to increase his quality of life, even with his handicap, is the AnyoneGo wheelchair which supports his rear legs and allows him to go on many trips with his pack.

dog in a cart, cart for handicapped dog
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