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AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs Little Chihuahua Zoe

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Until May of this year, little Zoe lived a completely normal, relaxed life of a beloved and spoiled Chihuahua with her loving family. Everyone thought her life would always be like this – happy and carefree. But one day, right in front of her house, she was hit by a car. Being a teeny chihuahua girl, you can imagine that her prospects of surviving a collision like this were not good.

Fortunately, her family found an amazing vet, Mr. Hluchan, who gave Zoe the best possible care. It’s only thanks to his expertise that Zoe is still alive, even though he had to amputate both of her back legs. 

čivava, vozík pro psa, nano vozík anyonego

Tiny wheelchair for a tiny dog

Luckily, her wounds were healing fast and she soon learned to walk on her two front feet. Strolling on two – like her human friends – is all good for home or garden, but what about walks outside? Soon, it was clear that Zoe needed a bit of help with her walking – in the form of a bespoke wheelchair. 

We’re very happy that they choose to trust us and get Zoe the best wheelchair out there. Zoe is very special because she has a big fighter’s heart in a teeny tiny body.

For us, making such a small wheelchair was a challenge. Luckily, we just shipped a few wheelchairs and a bit of time on our hands, so we decided to tackle Zoe’s cart heads on. 

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Bespoke cart for small handicapped doggy

Zoe is one of the very few dogs for whom we made a completely new size of wheelchair – NANO. 

Thanks to the amazing feedback that her family in Bratislava regularly shared with us, we fine- tuned the entire concept of NANO wheelchairs within a few months. Today, this cart for dwarf breeds became a permanent part of our offer.

AnyoneGo wheelchaie in nano size, chihuahua in a wheelchair, handicapped tiny dog

For now, Zoe remains the first dog of this size that is riding around in an AnyoneGo wheelchair.  She now uses the second and for the moment the final version of the wheelchair. We implemented all the practical observations that its owners shared with us when testing the prototype. 

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