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AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs The Daschund Empress Sisi

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Sisi’s forever family adopted her as a puppy from a shelter. She arrived there in a very bad condition, after being found next to garbage cans. This didn’t dull her beauty, grace, and spark, which she undoubtedly got from her royal namesake, and which helped her steal the hearts of her family. Despite successfully finding her family, she, unfortunately, has to bear the consequences of the hard first days of her life. She catches a cold very often, suffers from inflammation, and is afraid of cold – when the weather is worse than perfect, she has to wear dog clothes. The truly spoiled empress, right?

Even so, she has been living in her kingdom with a loving and understanding family for six years now, along with two other adopted friends – another dog and a cat.

handicapped dog, cart for dogs, anyonego wheelchair

When paws stop moving

This year, however, Sisi got another challenge – with no warning, she started to have problems with walking. Her personal doctor prescribed her injections for pain and swelling, but unfortunately, it led nowhere. After the treatment Sisi was apathetic, she didn’t want to eat anything and she even started pulling her legs behind her completely.

It was time for a visit to a specialized veterinary clinic, where they recommended and subsequently performed spinal surgery. Despite all hopes, even after 14 days, Sisi did not show any improvement. It was as if she had lost her crown – she was in bad shape not only physically but also mentally.

Only after getting her to move again – with the Dorn rehabilitation method – did Sisi get her aristocratic spark back. Her legs still didn’t work, but she started playing again and showing a zest for life. That was a big step forward after those weeks of uncertainty!

But in order for Sisi to also get out of the house and enjoy longer walks than a few short steps in her rehabilitation harness, her family had to find her a suitable wheelchair. And if you think she’d settle down for an ugly medical-looking cart, you haven’t been paying attention.

How to find a perfect dog carriage


“We found several wheelchairs on the Internet, but the main parameter for us was that Sisinka did not have to wear diapers while in ti. She doesn’t like diapers, and hardly endures them fro the time of rehabilitation, when she has to have them,” her owner Hanka described. That’s why they finally chose a wheelchair from AnyoneGo – the perfect designer carriage fit for an empress.

Sisi was measured, the cart was ordered, and the only thing left to do was to look forward to the package to arrive.

The first walk and refusing to take the cart off


“I was afraid that Sisi wouldn’t want to be in her dog wheelchair, that she would refuse to walk or just wouldn’t get used to it. But she completely blew our minds! On the very first day, we managed to go a real, long walk! And most importantly – after returning home, Sisi immediately hid under the couch. She knows we can’t reach her there – she didn’t want us to take her wheels away! After four months of not being able to walk, she was our happy princess again! ”

Sisinka fell in love with her imperial carriage and was excited and proud to show it to her doctor and physiotherapist.

“At the beginning of each walk, Sisinka runs like a debutante to her first ball – we can’t keep up with her at all! After a few minutes, she gets a bit tired and walks along with us. Once when hiking in a forest she got stuck because of a long branch and couldn’t move. She was really frustrated! That’s why it’s important to watch the dogs with wheelchairs really well,” Hanka smiles.

It’s still hard for Sisi to say goodbye to her wheelchair after a long walk. Her family now knows a little tip that might help other owners of handicapped dogs – they take away the back of the wheelchair with the wheels but leave Sisi for a few minutes with the chest part on. In this way, Sisi’s walking support does not disappear from her body so suddenly.

Strenghtened muscles


The wonderful thing is that Sisi manages also to use her wheelchair to rehabilitate better – to strengthen her hind legs! Although they are fixed on the bar, when she walks, she moves the bar as well, and this strengthens the atrophied muscles in her disabled back legs.

There is a real possibility that the wheelchair will soon function more like a walker – she will be able to put the bar down and walk with her rear legs, too! And all of it in just a few weeks.

Here at AnyoneGO, we will keep our fingers crossed for the amazing Empress Sisi!

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