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The drag bag for handicapped dogs is a bit more versatile than the wheelchair, but we still make it bespoke for every furry client. That means that we will need to know some key measurements. We have put together some tips for you on how to measure your dog as comfortably and accurately as possible.


  • Invite a friend to help you. Even if the dog is kind and obedient, two extra hands will always make the process easier. Especially if you are taking photos to send to us.
  • To make your dog’s custom drag bag we will need to know
    5 measurements:
    Body length – the length from the front leg to the end of the body – measure the length of the dog from the front leg to the last point of the body
    Chest circumference – measure the circumference of the chest just behind the front legs
    Length from armpit to the front of the collar – this is another important measurement – measure the length from the armpit to the collar on the front side – approximately at the Adam’s apple
    Width between front legs – measure the width between the shoulders of the front legs
    Neck circumference – measure the neck circumference in a place where the dog usually wears the collar

Take a look at our simple guide, where all the required measurements are visualized. If you print out the instructions, you can write down the measured values ​​directly there.

  • Select the correct measuring tape and camera. The best tape is one with large numbers because in that way we will be easily able to see the values on the photos.

And why take the pictures? In case you are not 100% sure about the correctness of your measurements, you can send them to us using the eshop form or at support@anyonego.com. We also recommend attaching photos of the position in which the dog is moving. In this way, we will be able to ensure that the drag bag will fit the dog well.

  • The most important parameter is body length. Every paralyzed dog, when not using the wheelchair, walks a little differently. At this moment we have AnyoneGo drag bags tested on doggos who move with their legs behind or possibly on one side. For the dog to fit comfortably into the bag, measure it as it naturally walks/crawls, from the front leg to the last point – the buttocks or legs.

If your dog has long legs and rather “sits” when moving, please contact us at support@anyonego.com, and we will take it from there.

  • Don’t rush. Not all dogs like being measured and photographed, so make sure you plan enough time for the whole measuring and ordering process, so you can be at ease. Your calm energy will transfer to the dog too and it will be even more enjoyable. You can find out everything you need to order the wheelchair directly from the couch.
  • Write down all the measured values. To immediately find out which size of the drag pad is suitable for your dog, check the size chart in our eshop. It will be ideal if you attach your photos directly to the form on the eshop. If that’s not possible, you can also send them to us at support@anyonego.com.

We wish you a lot of fun when measuring!

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