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AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs Annie – Heroine from the Shelter

handicapped dog,dog in a wheelchair

Annie was a client of a fantastic shelter that specializes in helping handicapped and sick dogs and cats. When they took her into care, she was paralyzed and malnourished. Her terrible condition was caused by her previous owners who put her in a cage and didn’t know (didn’t want to learn) how to take care of her properly. They wanted to put her to sleep. Not only was Annie very thin, but her muscles were also very atrophied. At the same time, the joy of exploring a new environment and the typical bulldog’s zest for life showed her carers in the shelter she was there to stay, fight, and get better.

handicapped dog,dog in a wheelchair

Unfortunately, despite intensive care, rehabilitation, and exercise, Annie did not manage to gain control over her rear legs again. Together with the shelter “aunties”, she tried everything – hydrotherapy, spinal walk, and more, but eventually, everyone had to accept the fact that Annie will not walk normally ever again. 

Truth be told, it was probably harder to come to terms with it for her humans and the vets than for her – she didn’t care she was dragging her feet, she was happy to move and play with the other dogs. Her carers at the Handipet Rescue shelter chose our wheelchair and Annie had her black and red machine made just for her. Now, she should run with other dogs outside, go on walks with them and enjoy all the fun. She got used to her doggy cart right away and she became the queen of the shelter yard and garden. She can’t be stopped by rain, snow, or stairs. She even enjoys playing fetch!

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The Wheelchair is helping after Amputation of the Feet

In the spring of 2019, Annie began to be bothered by her hind legs, even though normally she doesn’t feel them. There was probably some more nerve damage and Annie was biting them. That’s why the carers in the shelter, together with the vet, decided that it would be best to amputate part of Annie’s legs so that this problem is solved once and for all. Even after the amputation of the rear paws, however, she is riding around in her wheelchair as if nothing changed.

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A Forever Home!

In the fall of 2019, a fantastic thing happened to Annie. She managed to find a forever family for her! So she packed her wheelchair, favorite plush toys, said goodbye to Tara and her other shelter friends, and finally got a biped family only for herself. We wish her and her new family only the best.

In the Handipet Rescue shelter, however, there are still many handicapped dogs and cats left. If you want, you can come to visit them, take someone for a walk or cuddle. Just make sure to call in advance! They will definitely welcome any help, so if you liked Annie’s story and value their work and how well they took care of her, be sure to check out their English Facebook Page!  

The text of the article was created using asylum materials.

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