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AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs Cooper the Superstar

anyonego wheelchair, handicapped dog in a wheelchair

A French bulldog named Cooper had everything a dog could ask for to live a life without any health problems. His owner got him from a certified breeder and was taking great care of him. 

After four years, the situation has changed. One day, Cooper was happily running around, the next he couldn’t use his hind legs. It was crystal clear something was very wrong. Cooper’s human didn’t wait around for the situation to maybe improve and did the right thing – took him to the vet immediately.  Soon, Cooper was on the operation table. Everyone thought that he had a problem with his vertebrae, which is typical for this breed.

anyonego wheelchair, handicapped dog in a wheelchair

Unfortunately, it turned out that in Cooper’s case the situation was even worse. A number of his vertebrae were shattered and stuck inside different places in the spinal cord. This was the source of his pain and reason for the immobility of his rear legs. The veterinary doctor said one of the options was to put Cooper to sleep. Luckily, Cooper’s loving family was not ready for that, they asked the doctor to fight for – and with – him.

The operation itself was a success and after two days of separation, they were finally reunited. Since Cooper came to his human family as a puppy, this was the longest time they were apart, so the moment was a very strong and emotional experience. 

dog with hind legs paralyzed, , small bulldog in a wheelchair, paralyzed small bulldog

“During the healing process, we went through many rounds of physiotherapy to learn how to work properly with Cooper at home. Thus began our relentless effort to teach him to walk with the special spinal walk. We were going to PhysioDog regularly and working with the amazing Katka Plačková. It wasn’t easy, we had to do 6 exercises a day,” Cooper’s owner recalls those days.

It was a very difficult time for them, and unfortunately, Cooper’s situation was so specific and difficult that the therapy did not go as well as everyone had hoped. There was no choice but to start looking for a doggy wheelchair.

They choose the AnyoneGo wheelchair for dogs. After a long time, luck was back with Cooper, as the Dog Hope Foundation took care of the payment for the wheelchair. After all the expenses for veterinary care, it was a great relief for Cooper’s family.

handicapped small bulldog, bulldogs hing legs not working

A common problem with paralyzed dogs is that they cannot go to the toilet by themselves. This is true also in Cooper’s case, so his owners have to help him several times a day.

“It’s like having a “baby” at home. Cooper has all of our attention and enjoys it immensely. I dare say that Cooper is much happier than he was before this accident because now he gets maximum attention. In addition, dogs do not take anything personally. Nothing hurts him now and he is a happy dog,” says his owner.

Cooper has been using his wheelchair for more than a year now and he is also one of our media stars. After all, he is one handsome pup.  

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