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AnyoneGo Wheelchair: hind legs Jitka the Firecracker

dog in the vet clinic

At the very beginning of her life, Jitka was very lucky, even though she had to live through a misfortune first. One of her future owners witnessed her being thrown out of a car on a small countryside road – a six-month-old puppy, all frightened, with a clothesline around her neck. It was pure chance her future human was there – we don’t want to think about what would happen to Jitka if he chose to take another road that day.

While the original owners, if you can call it them that at all, disappeared into the distance, her new friend stopped his car without hesitation and took the tiny ball of black fur, who they’d later call Jitka, in his car. He took her to the place he knew Jitka would get all the love she needed – to his mother, a dog lover.

Together, they went to the vet, did all the necessary vaccinations, tagging, official naming, and registration, and in no time, Jitka became a full member of her new family.

Jitka’s story continued and of course, there is a reason we met her. You can find out more in the video about her and her very own wheelchair or the rest of the article.

dog in the vet clinic

An Unexpected Injury

From the first moment she was a true firecracker – very active and sensitive, she reacts to everything around her. One of her favorite things in the world is singing with her dog mom Petra. 😊

Seven years passed since that first fateful encounter, and Jitka’s life changed again. Another of Jitka’s favorite pastimes was to climb on the kitchen table – even though she knew she was not supposed to do that. One day, she climbed on it as she was used to… and fell. The family was in another room at the time and was alarmed by a loud bang and a quiet whimper. At first, it didn’t look that serious, but the next morning, Jitka was pulling one of her legs behind her. Before the family arrived at the vet just an hour later both of her legs were limp.

The veterinarian started the treatment right away. Jitka endured various therapies and daily check-ups. Unfortunately, her situation did not improve and her last option was a specialized clinic. There, they made several tests and presented the family with three options: 

  • let it go and hope for spontaneous improvement,
  • operate, which would increase the chance of recovery by about 15%
  • Put Jitka to sleep.
handicapped dog, dog operation

Operations and Rehabilitations

The last option was out of the question. Jitka wasn’t in pain, her only problem besides her back legs was emptying her bladder. Most importantly, she didn’t lose anything from her huge desire to live. Despite the relatively high price tag, the family decided to try the operation: “I knew that if we did not try it, we would come to regret it. Jitka is my mom’s sweetheart and she would be very sorry. So when I said: Let’s go for the surgery, I saw a great relief in my mother’s eyes,” recalls that moment in January 2020 Jitka’s savior.

In the end, Jitka spent several weeks at the clinic – it didn’t stop with the operation, she had to undergo a lot of procedures as part of her rehabilitation. She wasn’t stressed at all and was well taken care of by the paramedics. Thanks to Jitka’s friendly and positive nature, she soon had her carers wrapped around her little paw. 

Unfortunately, the operation didn’t bring back Jitka’s ability to walk again. Even so, it was a success, because thanks to the procedure, her defecation has improved – it is not painful for her anymore, she retains her urine without any problems and she only needs help to go to the toilet 3 times a day.

dog with handicap, rehabilitation

It´s time for the Doggy Wheelchair

As soon as it was clear that Jitka will never walk by herself again, it was time to start looking for the perfect wheelchair for her. Mrs. Petra, one of her owners, was given several options to choose from and we are very happy that she decided on AnyoneGo: “I liked your wheelchair the most. It was neither the most expensive nor the cheapest, but what interested me, even more, was the structure, weight, and design. The other carts seemed clumsy to me and made with large dogs in mind. The first attempts were a bit awkward, Jitka didn’t know at all what that strange invention was and what she was supposed to do. But with the help of a few dog treats, she soon understood how big the wheelchair was for her. After three days, she was driving around in it like Niki Lauda, and it’s amazing to watch her enjoy moving again. ”

dog in a wheelchair, anyonego wheelchair for dogs
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