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What is a drag bag

And why disabled dogs need it?

One day, your dog is running around just fine, the next day he can’t get up due to an accident. Or maybe the movement in his hind paws gradually deteriorates due to old age or genetics.

Although surgery or rehabilitation will help with some of the problems, sometimes the condition is irreversible and it is advisable to start looking for movement aids that will help your dog to move independently again.

Independent and safe movement outside and inside

Helping dogs go for a long walk with you again was one of our main goals – that’s why we developed our wheelchairs for handicapped dogs in the first place. 

When we fine-tuned them to our (and especially your!) 110% satisfaction and received a green light from veterinarians and canine physiotherapists, a new question arose – how to make it even easier for the families of handicapped dogs to care for them? And how to prevent other problems that affect these dogs?

When we asked the experts we work with about this, the answer was clear – drag bags! We wanted one that is of great quality, made in the Czech Republic, is functional, looks great, and offers personalization. 

Why are drag bags so important for owners of handicapped dogs?

One of the main problems of dogs with limited hind leg movement is the formation of abrasions of the hind paws and other areas that touch the ground. These injuries heal poorly due to insufficient blood circulation in the disabled parts of the body. 

Outside, a wheelchair is a perfect tool. However, it is not always suitable to use the cart indoors – for example, when you go for long walks in the woods and the wheelchair is muddy, or when you don’t have so much space at home and the doggo with the wheelchair crashes into walls, furniture (and sometimes people).

At home, luckily, the wheelchair is not really needed – a walking bag is often a better solution because it helps the dog to move easily and safely.

What are the main advantages of a walking bag?

If your dog already has his little racing cart from us or even a wheelchair from another company, a walking bag is another great tool that will help you take care of him even better and easier.

Drag bag will help a handicapped dog and his family mainly because:

  • It protects legs and other parts of the body from abrasions and other injuries
  • Thanks to the slightly slippery bottom part, it facilitates movement
  • Protects floors and carpets in the apartment from hair and dirt from the outside
  • If the dog is incontinent, the drag bag will catch everything 
  • It is very easy to put the dog in and out of the drag bag
  • It is well sewn and made to last a long time
  • You can wash it in the washing machine and it dries quickly

We produce our drag bags in five main sizes from chihuahuas to labradors, you can choose from six colors and we are also preparing special limited editions! Each piece is hand-tailored for a given dog in Brno by a great seamstress, who also has experience with a disabled dog.

You can order and buy a tailor-made walking drag bag for your handicapped dog through our new eshop!

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