New wheelchair for handicapped dogs – size NANO !

We are excited to finally show you our newest product – a wheelchair for dogs with handicapped back legs.

We are already producing these walking aids for bigger dogs and this size – NANO – is perfect for the smallest dog breeds.

We worked on this new wheelchair size since May and tested it over the summer with the help of little Chihuahua Zoe. You can read her story and what she thinks about her new ride on our Testimonials page.

The AnyoneGo Nano wheelchair is designed specifically for all the dwarf and mini dog breeds. Even if your dog is one of these miniature doggos, please measure them before ordering the wheelchair. We want to be extra sure you’re getting the right size.

Low weight and great usability

The new Nano wheelchair has all the key characteristics of its bigger siblings, with one exception. It doesn’t have foldable wheels which for dogs of this size proved to be unnecessary.

When testing the wheelchair, we saw that when creating such a small product, the manufacturing technology is extremely important. That’s why the Nano wheelchair is the first cart that is completely created using SLS printing. This technology allows us to combine great strength of the material with a precision which is required at such a small scale.

Another important parameter of carts for dwarf breeds is the weight – the wheelchair is meant to help them run around, not to weigh them down! The SLS printing technology helped us with this challenge as well. The Nano wheelchair weighs only 500 grams!

A unique concept – an adjustable saddle

The Nano wheelchair is also the first model, which in its standard form includes an adjustable saddle. More precisely, the sides of the saddle can be adjusted to fit the tiny backside of your perfectly , even if his weight (and size) fluctuates a bit.

An adjustable saddle is also a perfect option in case your dog has developed, usually because of the injury or illness, asymmetrical pelvis or spine. The unique option to adjust each side of the saddle independently means your dog will sit in his wheelchair comfortably no matter what.

How much does the Nano wheelchair for small handicapped dogs cost?

The price of our cart in the Nano size is CZK 15 500 and you can order it using our inquiry form. We will be very happy to answer any questions you might have. The standard delivery time of the Nano wheelchair is 2 – 3 weeks.

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