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Drag bag for handicapped dogs

For many dogs and their owners, a drag bag is an indispensable tool. It helps the dog to easily move even in spaces where it is not desirable or possible to use a wheelchair. A quality walking bag protects the dog from abrasions or colds from tile floors, and helps owners with cleaning, especially if their dog is incontinent.

We offer the drag bag for dogs in five main sizes, similar to our carts. Nano size for dwarf breeds (Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier), micro (Dachshund), small (French Bulldog, Pug), medium (Schnauzer, Border Collie) and large (Labradors and others).

We tested the design of AnyoneGo drag bags on many dogs and received valuable feedback from physiotherapists.

Drag bags are suitable not only for doggos who use a wheelchair. They are very valuable for those dogs who, for various reasons, cannot or do not want a wheelchair. For example because it was not recommended by a veterinarian or they are already elderly and would not get used to the wheelchair.

Key features of the AnyoneGo drag bags for handicapped dogs:

The shape of the bag is made so as to restrict the dog’s movement as little as possible.

Carefully selected materials ensure optimal comfort.

Breathable mesh on the back prevents overheating and excessive sweating.

Quality straps with adjustable length keep the drag bag in place.

The washable rubber pad ensures comfort, insulates from the cold floors and, in the case of incontinent dogs, captures everything you don’t want to have on your carpets.

The durable sliding material of the bottom part helps the dog to move independently.

Clever design and high-quality zippers make putting on and taking off the bag is easy and convenient.

It is compact, folds flat and you can easily pack the drag bag into your dog’s travel bag.

The drag bag is easily cleaned by wiping it with a wet cloth and washing it in the washing machine.

It is handmade in the Czech Republic by a skilful seamstress.

Just as the AnyoneGo wheelchair, it is made-to-measure, as the basic sizes of walking bags are used for easier ordering and pricing, but we each tailor based on the measured values.

The drag bag can be personalised – you can choose from several standard colors, special collections or let us know if you want any special decorations and add-ons.

Prices of drag bags for dogs

Please visit our e-shop for the price offer.

Your dog’s walking bag can be further personalized, for example with embroidery. If you have any individual requirements, we will prepare a tailor-made price offer for you. Contact us at support@anyonego.com.

The prices of our drag bags do not include shipping costs.

How to measure a dog for the AnyoneGo drag bag

In order to know which standard size of the bag is suitable for your dog, and to be able to made it fit your dog the best, we need to know some information.

First of all, it is important whether, when moving, the dog keeps the paralyzed legs behind, next to the body or is in a “sitting” position. If you dog moves with his legs under, as if he was sitting, please contact us and we will agree on the next steps.

If when moving the dog keeps the rear legs next to him, or pulls them behind him, we will need these measurements:

Body length – the length from the front leg to the end of the body
Chest circumference
Length from the armpit to the collar
The width between the front legs
Neck circumference

A photo of the dog in the position in which he walks, or a video.

If you want to make sure you measure your dog correctly, read our tips and tricks for measuring your dog for a drag bag and look at the visual manual.

Anyonego walking bag care:

Material: 100 % polyester, plastic 
Drag bags can be washed in a washing machine at 40 ° C. Do not tumble dry. The foam pad must be removed before washing.